Albany Co-Ed Soccer League

Disciplinary procedures

  1. Disciplinary Points:
  • 1 point for Yellow Card
  • 3 points for straight Red Card
  • 0 additional points for Red Card resulting from 2 Yellow Cards (although the 2 Yellows amount to 2 points accrued)


  1. Cards:
  • A player receiving a Red Card is ejected from the game and his/her place may not be substituted.
  • Players receiving a yellow card caution shall immediately leave the field of play and remain out of the game for a five (5) minute “cooling off” period. The team may choose to sub in an eligible player so that they do not have to play down. In the case where the team has no subs available, they must play down until the “cooling off” period is over. Once the period is over, the player who received the caution may sub or enter back into the game after requesting permission from the referee prior to re-entering the field of play. The team may sub other eligible players during the “cooling off” period if desired. Goalkeepers are exempt from this rule.


  1. Means by Which a Player May Be Suspended:
  • A red card (either straight or two yellows in a game) results in a one game suspension following the game the player is ejected from
  • When a total of 3 or more disciplinary points are accumulated, a player is suspended for one game (either 3 total yellow cards or a straight red card).
  • When a total of 6 disciplinary points has been accumulated, a player will be subject to disciplinary committee review. The disciplinary committee and league administration will determine the proper length of suspension.
  • Failure to abide by League Code of Conduct may result in suspension or banishment from the league.


  1. Flagrant acts or violent conduct such as fighting with other players, league officials, or the referees (including threatening words or gestures) will not be tolerated and is subject to disciplinary committee review, possible extended suspension, and possible banishment from the league. This applies to all league functions including meetings and pickup games on league-reserved fields.


  1. Players that accrue enough disciplinary points or receive a red card during the last game of the season to be subject for suspension will be suspended for the first game of the following season.


  1. Team Disciplinary Points: If 14 disciplinary points are accumulated by a single team, that team shall lose one point in the standings. For each subsequent 6 disciplinary points accumulated, the team shall lose another point in the standings. Team disciplinary points do not carry over to the next season.


  1. Teams are responsible for sideline fans. If fans are causing trouble and refuse to leave at the request of the referee, the team is subject to forfeit.


  1. Ejected players must leave the park facility before play continues. Failure to leave will result in their team’s forfeit.


  1. Players attending a game but not playing (due to injury or suspension) are subject to the same disciplinary rules as if they were playing (further disciplinary points may be accrued).

ACSL Player Suspensions

Below is a link to a list of recent suspensions by the Disciplinary Committee. Access to this document is currently limited to managers.

Google doc "ACSL Suspensions"