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Welcome to the home page of the Albany Co-Ed Soccer League.

Our 10 teams play in Albany and Berkeley California. Men must be 25 and over, women 18 and over.

Our 11 v 11 games feature 3-man referee crews (Center Ref + 2 ARs).


New players!!! Please contact the team manager directly if you are interested in joining a team.
Teams looking for new players will often post a note on the "Teams Looking For Players" page.



Albany Co-ed Soccer League (ACSL) exists for the purpose of providing a safe, fun co-ed soccer league with an understanding that the top division can be competitive. ACSL requires all players to sign a Conduct form prior to being registered in the league where they agree to act in a positive, friendly and sporting manner, showing respect for other players and referees. The League encompasses a wide age range and ability so as to promote inclusivity. Violent conduct such as fighting with other players or the ref (including threatening words or gestures) will not be tolerated and is subject to disciplinary committee review and banishment from the league.

  • Grass Field Rain-out line: 510-981-5161 then press 2
  • Berkeley Non-Emergency Police Line: 510-981-5900


We are back! Fall 2021 has started! 11 v 11

  • Rules 11v11
  • Rules Fall 8v8 2021
    • Albany Co-Ed Soccer League Registration Requirements- Fall 2021 Season
      • Albany Co-ed Soccer Waiver
      • COVID policy and waiver
      • Players need to be registered to a team on the basoccer.org website.
        • Go to "User Login" (link is in the upper right hand corner)
        • Then go to "Player Registration"
        • Select the team you wish to join and check the season then click Submit.
        • It will then be up to that team's manager to add you to their roster. Selecting a team does not guarantee placement. Communicate with the team manager in order to get added to their team
        • If you are confused about player registration contact a league manager.
      • Passes will not be required, only the "game card" from basoccer.org. The managers should print this and give it to the ref when checking in.
  • See the Manager FAQ above for more info. *updated 8.23.2018
  • Reminder for existing players that plan to switch teams:
    • Prior to one (1) month before the season starts, communication (email) including the affected player, BOTH teams’ managers, and a league president must be sent so the original team has time to prepare for losing a player.
    • Once the deadline for transfer without approval has passed, a player may only change teams with approval of the team they are intending to leave. Approval may be waived by the league if there are special circumstances which warrant allowing the transfer.

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League message regarding co-ed play:

No more than 6 men may be on the field at any time with the exception of up to 1 man over 50 years old taking the place of a woman.
Female players must be over 18 whereas male players must be over 25.

With regard to the first rule, in no way is this to be interpreted as equating the ability of female players with a 50 yr old. That is not the intent of the rule. This rule is for expediency's sake.....meaning that it's very hard to find female players and this is a way to field teams and also include older players. Our immediate co-ed neighbor now fields 14 teams thereby narrowing the pool considerably.

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